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Cat IV Inspection Work


Ensign Australia Pty Ltd


Winchelsea, VIC


$175,000 + GST




Cat IV Inspection Work

In order to achieve a full re-certification of Ensign’s substructure and mast, Obadare’s Engineering Manager Jiel Case travelled to Ensign’s Rig 931 site in Winchelsea, Victoria.

Obadare performed Cat IV inspection work ensuring that all visual checks on welds, pins, holes and nominated locations were completed. Obadare worked with Ensign to ensure that all non-destructive testing was completed by a trained and competent third party and any indications found were then repaired by a contractor based in Geelong. Obadare complied all required documentation including drawings, material certificates and 3rd party testing, repair and inspection documentation.

Obadare’s inspection package has been audited by both the operating company and their external auditor with zero findings or concerns raised.

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Inspection of substructure and mast
Re-certification of substructure and mast utilising API 4G
Manage 3rd party blasting, NDE and welding companies

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