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Our Integrity Inspection Services (IIS) team are fully qualified with the international standards of AINDT, ASNT, TH Hill and Fearnley Procter.

The inspectors have the ability to perform non destructive examination testing such as magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonic testing, liquid penetrant, hydrostatic testing and pressure vessel / PRV inspection and recertification. 

Our inspection services support plant shutdowns, drilling and workover rig inspections and maintenance intervals, and asset integrity reviews. To expand on our services we also offer radiographic testing (third party), visual inspections and thread/equipment inspections to DS1 and NS2 level of OCTG inspections. 

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Inspection Processes.

IIS utilises the following inspection processes to ensure compliance with required standards:
Radiography – RT
Ultrasonic – UT
Magnetic Particle – MPI
Liquid Penetrant – PT
Eddy Current – ET
Alternating Current Field Measurement – ACFM
Visual Inspection
Hydrostatic Testing
Pressure Vessel and PRV Inspection
OCTG & Equipment Inspection & Certification

Tubular Inspection Services.

IIS provides the following Tubular Inspection Services:
Visual Inspection
Dimensional Inspection and Verification
Magnetic Particle, both Colour Contrast and Ultraviolet
Dye Penetrant, both Colour Contrast and Ultraviolet
Ultrasonic Thickness Examination
Eddy Current Weld Examination
EMI Logging – Drill Pipe 2 3/8” up to 5 1/2”, Category 1 – 5 Inspection
UTEA – Ultrasonic End Area
Field Refacing including Copper Coat
Full Length Drift on Tubing and Casing
Third Party Verification Service

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Integrity Inspection Services at the highest International Standards.

Our team is fully qualified with the international standards of AINDT, ASNT, TH Hill and Fearnley Procter. To get the job done right with a team you can trust fill out your details here and we will take care of the rest. 

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